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Example of previous projects


Product Improvement


If your products are not performing as expected consultancy, with Embedded Magic may provide the answer to your problems.


Product Design


Embedded Magic can provide you with a complete design solution and take your idea from a concept to a production ready-state.


Example1: Sensor Improvement


If your sensors suffer from poor performance Embedded Magic can offer:


  • Improved accuracy using enhanced sampling techniques.
  • Improved resolution using digital filtering
  • Work with the sensor designers to improve characteristics
  • Improved compensation for "non-linear" sensors



Example2: Network enabled legacy products


Being able to remotely control or access a product has become more desirable over the past few years. Embedded Magic can provide embedded network functionality to products enabling them to be remotely controlled, interrogated or configured. Having remote access capability will make products more desirable in certain markets sectors where product integration is essential such as:



  • Building automation
  • Medical equipment
  • ATE Integration



Example3: Re-design


As technology advances there exists an opportunity to improve on existing products. Processors become cheaper and more powerful enabling a cost saving on components and the facility to improve on the product design, power efficiency and what it can do for the end customer. A short time-cycle re-design can prove to be financially beneficial in reducing production cost and appealing to a a wider market, thereby increasing the numbers sold.
Embedded magic has experience of the latest 8-bit to 32-bit processors which have an increased number of inbuilt peripherals to reduce external component count.

Cost reduction in legacy products may be achieved by :


  • Reduced component count
  • Reduced board area
  • Use of latest components (COTS)
  • Faster and easier assembly
  • Possibility for built-in test reducing the requirement for calibration and ATE.


Re-design makes the product:


  • More attractive to the end user (improved user interface)
  • Improved features
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Easier to use (USB over serial port)




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