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Embedded Magic : Systems


System Design


Embedded Magic can provide partial or complete system solutions to suit your company needs. Embedded Magic has experience of providing complete design solutions involving a mixture of Analogue and Digital circuit design, and Firmware development. Creating professional PC applications can be arranged along with maintenance agreements to future-proof your products.


System Solutions


  • Sensor network development (turn-key design from analogue sensor to network interfacing)
  • Robotics (X, Y, Z axis micro-stepping controller)
  • ATE equipment (single cell and portable)
  • Industrial machinery development (a.c. servo motor control and machinery directive safeguards)
  • PC server-client application
  • Professional GUI development
  • Digital RCD design and development (electronic hardware and firmware to IEC 61008/9)
  • Hand-held portable monitoring units (complete units with user interface)
  • Complete consumer alarm panel design (hardware and firmware)
  • USB end devices (camera, sensor interface, HID)
  • Remote environmental monitoring equipment in harsh environment (Arctic)


You can feel confident Embedded Magic can handle complete system design as well as consultancy on specific aspects of electronic hardware design development, embedded software creation, development and verification. 





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