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Embedded Magic


Our services cover analogue, digital, embedded processing, networking and PC based applications. Examples are:


  • Analogue sensor interfacing with various output options
  • Remote monitoring sensor network
  • Stand alone sensor systems, portable data acquisition
  • Wireless options - RF ISM(Zigbee, Bluetooth), RF Tagging, RF Remote, IR
  • Data acquisition and format conversion
  • Telemetrics (Iridium, ISM, GSM)
  • Simple embedded user interface (LED, LCD, push button,joystick, etc.)
  • Sophisticated GUI (touchscreen, embedded PC)
  • Small volume ATE system development



Embedded Magic can broaden the sales of your existing product by adding functionality, improving performance in key areas or provide a complete design solution.


If you have a requirement for embedded electronics Embedded Magic can provide cost effective, professional service tailored to satisfy your engineering requirements.




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